Q. Who can join the study tour?

A. The study tour is meant for students aged 7 and above. Families of small children are welcome to join the tour. You may contact us at 6284 9929 for more information.

Q. Do I need to apply for a Student's Pass to study in Singapore?

A. You do not need to apply for a Student’s Pass if the study tour program is less than 30 days.

Q. How long does a study tour last?

A.The study tour can last for 1 – 4 weeks.

Q How much time is spent studying/touring?

A. Typically, we schedule lessons in the morning and offer cultural or visiting programs in the afternoon and evening. However, all our itineraries are flexible and we can customise them according to your needs.

Q. How big is the group size?

A. The group size can vary, as we generally require a minimum of 10 travellers to form one group.

Q.What courses are available?

A. All our courses are offered by DIMENSIONS International College.

Our English or Mandarin language courses are taught by native-speaking lecturers.
You can also choose from our various Hospitality courses as your study objective.

Here are our various courses:


Beverages Services

Make and Serve Coffee

Culinary Arts

Food Styling & Design

Pastry Production

Restaurant Services & Operations

Excellence Customer Service

Western Dinning Etiquette

Kitchen Operations

Banquet Operations

Developing Hospitality Industry Knowledge

Housekeeping Operations

Casino Gaming

Travel & Tourism Knowledge

Teacher Teaching Skills

English for Travel Industry

English for Hospitality Industry

Tailor English for any Industries

Tailor courses to your need